Our workforce is filled with a generation of individuals who strive for constant growth. In an era where technology and effort is at our fingertips, growth and development within an organization isn’t seen as a perk – it’s an expectation. When an organization doesn’t provide the opportunity for development, it’s only a matter of time before their employees find one that will.

As a leader it’s your job to facilitate employee growth and development. Putting off development won’t serve your team or your organization in the long run. You have to be intentional about development and move people forward. Remaining stagnant is dangerous in business.

Where to Start

It is easy to say employee development is a focus for your team, but how do you actually accomplish it? Are you taking the time to create a culture where people reflect and want to improve? Your employees are looking to you as an example. Take them to the next level.

One way to do this is to provide helpful feedback. This should be informative and constructive, but still personable. Employees shouldn’t feel like they’re on the ‘chopping block’ whenever they are evaluated. Instead, look for solutions together. Show them that imperfection is ok when there is learning and growth.

Help your team set personal goals and hold them accountable. This will not only build trust; it will teach them to lay out a path for their own growth. You aren’t doing the work; you’re simply guiding them down a developmental path.

[Focusing on growth and development isn’t solely in the interest of the individual employee]